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Besides providing serviced office space, we also provide a host of add on services to all our subscribers. These add on services are charged as per selection and opting for these services is optional to our subscribers. 

  1. Personal Secretarial Services :  
  2. Mail Handling 
  3. Storage
  4. Recruitment 
  5. Attendance Management 
  6. IT support 
  7. Service Gigs
  • Personal Secretarial Services :  These services include attending your visitors, ordering food/flowers, arranging travel, transport and accommodation, organising your meetings and appointments.  Starting from Rs.1500/- per month.

  • Mail Handling :  Clients can receive and send courier from and at the premises by paying the monthly service retainer fee, which renews automatically every month unless terminated by the clients.  Starting from Rs.1500/- per month.

  • Storage : We allow clients to store their products in a storage room and valuables in a locker. Starting from Rs.1000/- per month

  • Recruitment : We arrange interviews for the client at the space- this includes creating job description, application form, and calling the candidates. Starting from Rs.1500/- per vacancy.

  • Attendance Management : Remote / Multinational companies who have their staff seated in our space and want to monitor their staff, we provide attendance of their staff and time in & time out. Starting from Rs.500/- month.

  • IT support : We have inhouse IT support executive that will help you troubleshoot any hardware and software problems you are facing. Starting from Rs.1000/- per month.

  • Service Gig : Over years of working with different companies and professionals we have fostered long term associations and professional relationships. We also have partnerships and alliances with several companies and professionals outside the community network as well. If you are looking for any third party vendor for digital marketing, graphic designing, SEO export, website designing, UI/UX Designer etc. we help you find the right vendor at your price and conditions. Starting Rs.1000/- per gig.

    Please Note : These services are available only to our subscribers who access the office space on a monthly basis or day basis. These services are a special initiative from our end to enhance subscriber experience and make their operations more swift.